Hose Buddy Features & Benefits

  Made Of Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)
  Level 8 UV Inhibitors Added To Limit The Effects Of The Sun
  Does Not Require 2-3 Hold Down Devices To Accomplish It's Task
  No Need For Any Type of Contamination Barrier/Pad
  No Lock Pins, Springs Or Levers To Break Or Lose
  No "Over-Center" Locks Or Hinges To Contend With
  Uses Nothing More Than Gravity To Do Its Job
  Threaded/Gasketed Filler Cap To Prevent Leakage
  Utilizes Both Liquid Or Sand
  Can Be Cleaned With Just Soap & Water
  Radiused Corners Designed For Strength
  Can Accomodate A Wide Range Of 90 Degree Fittings
  Also Accomodates Hose Sizes From 1 to 3 Inches
  Still Effective With Hoses Lacking a 90 Degree Fitting
  Molded 2" Handle For Comfortable Grip
  Handle Opening Can Accomodate The Use of a Locking Device
  Raised Foot Pads Allow For "Splash Ring" Usage
  Foot Pads Allow Air Under The Unit To Prevent Mold Conditions
  Tapered Top Panels Allow For Rain Runoff
  Compact Size Allows For Easy Storage Onboard The RV
  Enhances The Campsite Appearance
  Provides Peace of Mind While Reducing The Risk Of Discharge Accidents
  Weighs 8 lbs Or Less (Depends On Fill Media & Volume)
  Makes An Excellent Gift For The RV Traveler
  Shows Fellow Campers You're A Considerate Neighbor

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"I think you've really got something there with your Hose Buddy. Thank You"

Don M
Prescott, AZ

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